Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Diversity for growth and innovation is one of ADPOG’s Values and part of our business strategy. We know that understanding and drawing on the strength of diversity means meeting the needs of clients Kingdom wide, building strong relation¬ships in the many sectors we serve, and fully engaging the talents of our people. Or simply put, making the most of our diversity has always been the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.

We recognize the value and power of tapping into the full spectrum of ideas and abilities that people possess. Doing just that has been a strong part of ADPOG’s past success and is crucial for seizing the opportunities ahead. We are competing in a dynamic marketplace, and we know that our growth will depend on an increasingly diverse and global workforce.

Our strength comes from the combination of what we have in common, like our shared values, vision and purpose, as well as what makes us different, like experiences and perspectives.
We grow as an organization and as people when we encourage different viewpoints and ways of thinking – differences that come through diversity. That is what leads to true insights and innovative practices.

Supporting diversity for growth and innovation is a long term journey. We have seen rewards for our efforts so far and look forward to doing more – to helping create better futures for employees, our business and our communities.

Hussein Al Anazy
President and CEO
Abu Dhabi Paragon Oil & Gas